The P&C is inviting students to apply for grants to support the purchases of equipment or to fund projects that will enhance the classroom learning experience,
support active play and contribute to school and community wellbeing. Ideally, these
proposals would align with the Australian Curriculum and add value to all current and
future students.

The P&C would like to see proposals that enhance the classroom learning experience, the social and emotional welfare of children, provide ways to promote health and wellbeing, or that support positive play environments in the playground.

The P&C would also like to use this grant to encourage student and teacher participation
and leadership in the fete and other community activities.

Projects or equipment may be year specific or for the general student and school
community. It is envisaged that grants for things such as sporting equipment would
consider the broader needs of the school and be made available to all students.
The P&C classroom grant may not cover all expenses required, but the P&C can offer
assistance with fundraising activities to acquire the remaining funds.

Payment of any grant is at the discretion of the P&C Administrative Committee.
General Guidelines
The grants are available to all year groups, including Pre-schools. Grants may be applied for by teachers and/or by students (with teacher approval/assistance).
Applications will include a short business case (see attached template). The P&C can work with students and teachers to develop these business cases.

It is envisaged that approximately $500 per year group will be made available.
All applications will be considered even if grants have been allocated to the same year
group earlier in the year.

Teachers or students should complete the form available on our policies page and submit it to the P&C Administration Committee (contact: Mel McDonald – or 0416 191 182).

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