During our online Annual General Meeting on the 8 April, the 2020 Office Bearers (Executive, Sub-committee & Convenor roles) will be elected. All office-bearers are stepping down.

If you are interested in nominating (and PLEASE consider it!), position descriptions can be found below or on the ACT Council of P&C Associations webpage. Feel free to contact current President Damien (damienbeth@tpg.com.au) or current Secretary Mel (mel@meltin.net) for more information.

Nominations close COB Tues 7 April. Please send your nomination to mel@meltin.net.

Ainslie P&C Committee positions

President: Provides leadership, Spokesperson for P&C, Chairs meetings.

Vice President: Assists President; Chairs meetings as required.

Treasurer: Responsible for $$; Prepares financial reports and audit needs (more information here).

Secretary: Organises agendas and takes minutes; Sorts correspondence.

Administration Committee: 4-6 members to work with the executive positions to undertake day-to-day administration of the P&C.

Public Officer: point of contact between the P&C and the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS)

Communications Convenor: P&C updates for Altiora, webpage and FB; event flyers/posters; liaise with Classroom Carer convenor

Outdoor Grounds Convenor: Co-ordinates outdoor grounds projects, such as Play Pods, Community Gardens; engages with Masterplan discussions.


  • Canteen: Chair (convene the Canteen sub-committee; liaise between the sub-committee and the P&C); Treasurer (responsibility for all funds received and expended by the canteen); and 2 additional members (support the Convenor and Treasurer).
  • Afters: Convenor (convene the Afters sub-committee; liaise between the sub-committee and the P&C); Treasurer (responsibility for all funds received and expended by Afters); and 2 additional members (support the Convenor and Treasurer)
  • Uniform Shop: Convenor (manages the uniform shop including ordering and stock control; liaises with community wishing to purchase uniforms; makes recommendations regarding pricing and suppliers)
  • Fete: Convenor (fete planning and organisation; liaises with school and external stall holders; equipment and activity bookings); Entertainment coordinator (liaises with school music teacher and external performers; books AV equipment); Food coordinator (liaises with food stall holders); Purchasing coordinator (arranges bulk purchases); Volunteer coordinator (recruits volunteers)

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