About our Programs

At AOSHC we provide three programs: Before and After School Care during the school term and Vacation Care in the school holidays. Our service promotes learning through play as a fundemental part of children’s growth and development. We aim to provide high quality education and care that aligns with our wider school community. Our educational program provides children with a child initiated learning environments where they have the ability to influence their world. We aim to be as sustainable as possible and join children in learning and practicing sustainability. Children’s safety and wellbeing are paramount at AOSHC, and our staff are commited to continually developing their practice and the holistic improvement of the service. We hope that parents can join in their children’s learning and development at the service through our educator’s documentation of their child’s learning and through the many opportunities to collaborate with the service.

Before School Care

Children are provided with a balanced breakfast, and are able to engage in activities to ease the transition into class in the morning. 

This program is a fantastic way to ease your child into the Ainslie OSHC experience, as it provides a quieter, smaller group environment. 

Educators and children have great flexibility throughout this time and it is often a place to try new, innovative activities. 

Permanent Bookings – $15.50 per day

Casual Bookings – $17.50 per day

7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

As of 1st of February 2022

After School Care

Children move to the centre after class and are provided with a home-cooked, nutritious meal to give them the energy to engage in a range of planned and spontaneous activities. 

We provide various spaces for the children to participate in craft activities, sporting and team games, social environments and relaxing reading areas. 

We also offer a number of extra curricular activities through neighbouring community businesses such as tennis, taekwondo, music lessons and language lessons.

Permanent Bookings – $30.00 per day

Casual Bookings – $33.00 per day

3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

As of 1st of February 2022

Vacation Care

This program is open to the public, and will ensure your little people are entertained throughout the holiday breaks! 

We provide children with a light breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Children are able to engage with a number of planned excursions/incursions and activities throughout the day.  

Children must bring water bottle, morning tea, a hat and enclosed footwear. 

Centre Days / No Excursion or Incursion

$80.00 per day

Incursion / Excursion Days

$85.00 per day

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

As of 10th of January 2022

To book please email completed forms to: info@ainslieoshc.com.au