Claiming the Child Care Subsidy

Eligibility basics
  • care for a child 13 or younger and not attending secondary school, unless an exemption applies
  • use an approved child care service
  • responsible for paying the child care fees
  • meet residency and immunisation requirements

If your child has not attended child care for 8 continuous weeks, Centrelink will cancel your enrolment details in their system.

If you have more than 44 absences per year, your subsidy will be closed.

The Hourly Rate cap for OSHC is $10.29.

For more information,


  • Income Test

Easiest way to claim is online via the MyGov portal. Your income may affect how much subsidy you receive.

  • Activity Test

The number of hours of Child Care Subsidy a family is entitled to per fortnight is determined by an activity test. The more hours of activity parents do, the more subsidised care they can access.

Click to access 2._child_care_subsidy_activity_test.pdf

  • Centre Enrolment

Ensure forms are returned to centre with intended bookings. Centre will then submit your child’s enrolment details so you can confirm with Centrelink.

  • Confirm Enrolment and Details

Ensure details and bookings are correct, and confirm. You do not receive subsidy until you have received your assessment notice.

Note: You can be reimbursed for up to 28 days.

Additional Child Care Subsidy:

If you’re eligible for Child Care Subsidy you may be able to get extra help with the cost of approved child care.

Eligibility basics

  • meet the eligibility requirements for Child Care Subsidy, and
  • be an eligible grandparent getting an income support payment
  • be transitioning from certain income support payments to work, or
  • be experiencing temporary financial hardship

What will Fees look like?

Statements are sent out on a fortnightly basis on a Monday, and direct debits are processed on the Friday of that week (in line with the public service payweek)

  • We debit for bookings two weeks in advance
  • Including any amount owing (i.e any extra days booked)

Your bank account statement will show a debit which incorporates: