Ainslie OSHC’s vision is one that prioritises and promotes children’s social and emotional development. We view children as capable and competent learners and see the time spent in Out of School Hours Care as an important opportunity for children to learn and grow. Our aim is a service that continuously improves, and helps children achieve the best outcomes for successful and happy lives. Our vision relies on partnerships with children, families, and the wider school community to provide the most holistic and beneficial learning experiences for the children in our care.


Our program’s aim is that children will learn and grow their social and emotional skills – using the National Quality Framework as a guide for educators to provide a quality, play-based program. Through allowing children choices that influence their worlds each day they attend, children become the main initiators of the learning process, building self-efficacy and developing social and emotional skills. Using our educator’s understanding of the children’s interests, strengths, abilities, cultures and current knowledge we create a program that is engaging and beneficial for both individuals and the group – whilst importantly maintaining leisure and fun that Out of School Hours Care embodies.  Our program is made to suit the contexts of our community and compliment the learning occurring at Ainslie School, as well as ensuring inclusivity and equity.


Our educators wear many hats, as teachers, friends, cooks, cleaners, mediators, observers and role models, we strive to always provide the best for the children in our care, with guidance and intentionality. As part of the educator role, our staff are committed to continuous learning – to inform and motivate us to continue improving and provide education and care the best way possible. We at AOSHC intend for a low turnover of staff, which helps us create and foster genuine relationships. We see children as our friends and building connections with them will always be a privilege, and the best part of being an educator! At AOSHC we recognise and advocate professionalism in the OSHC sector, and will demonstrate this in our practice and our care.


Children will always be the priority of our service. This is reflected in our vision, program and educator’s practice. We recognise that children are competent and capable learners – whilst still acknowledging that Ainslie OSHC is a place of learning, where mistakes are made, and lessons are learnt. We understand that all children are different, and that an inclusive, equitable approach is important for all children to feel belonging and the opportunity to succeed. Our service upholds the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which influences our practice strongly. We believe in helping all children to achieve the best outcomes in life and that the learning experiences and play occurring at AOSHC will leave a positive impact for years to come.


We at AOSHC acknowledge that families, parents and carers are a child’s primary carer and educator. We believe that partnerships with families and carers are an integral part of successfully educating and caring for children in our service. To best build and maintain these partnerships we greatly value communication, inclusion, understanding and genuine community connections. We invite family participation, feedback and collaboration. As a P&C operated service these values are embedded within our governance and community.

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