The Ainslie School Parents & Citizen’s Association (P&C committee) is a group of parents, carers and friends of the school which coordinates and manages a range of activities to support the school and its students. The P&C Association is also a link between the School Board, parents, carers and the school.

The P&C Association offers a great opportunity for all parents and carers to be involved in the school. Our P&C Association raises a significant amount of funds to support learning at the school and the school’s facilities. Funds raised by the P&C committee have contributed to a range of projects including the school’s music program, sports programs, canteen, playgrounds, end of year speech day, year 6 graduation and the vegetable gardens.

The P&C Association holds a general meeting once a term at Ainslie School. These meetings are a great opportunity to find out what is happening in the school. It is also a way to bring any issues or ideas forward. Please come along and join in the discussions