Ainslie School P&C Committee is calling on all parents and carers to nominate as committee members at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for the end of term 1.

To continue operating key services for our families – Oishii Canteen, the Uniform Shop and Ainslie Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) – we need to fill 4 office bearing positions and up to 6 general committee positions.

With many hands we can make light work and do great things for our community. And this year the amazing OSHC admin team is transforming into a P&C admin team to support our volunteers.

Please consider nominating for your committee. Anyone can nominate themselves or someone else can do it for you before the AGM or on the day. We would love to hear from you. If you’re ready now or have any questions email us at

P&C roles: now with 90% less admin by volunteers!


  • provides leadership to the committee and supervises some office bearing functions
  • chairs general and executive committee meetings
  • acts as a spokesperson
  • reports to P&C general meetings about the activities of the association
  • ensures strong communication between P&C members and members of the school board


  • supports and is familiar with the work of the president
  • steps into the role of the president if they are unable to do so


  • consults with the president to prepare meeting agendas
  • oversees the work of the business manager in preparing minutes and handling correspondence
  • manages the association’s documents and accounts


  • oversees and is responsible for all incoming and outgoing funds, including all subcommittee accounts
  • prepares regular financial reports to P&C meetings
  • works with the external accountant to prepare the financial statements

General committee members and all office bearers

  • contribute as a voting member to meeting discussions and proposals
  • assist with fundraising activities to support our school
  • provide personal expertise to the committee and subcommittees

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