Our new Office Bearers were elected at the AGM held in Term 1.

Thank you and welcome to our 2020 P&C Committee!

  • President: Rob Harrison
  • Vice President: Judith Blake
  • Treasurer: Alessandra Whiting
  • Interim Secretary: Mel McDonald
  • Canteen sub-committee convenor: Kerryn Wagg
  • Afters sub-committee convenor: Ingrid Butterfield
  • Uniform shop co-ordinator: Christina Pilkington
  • Communications co-ordinator: Laurel Cyr
  • Classroom carer co-ordinator: Anna Chu
  • Fete / Events sub-committee convenor: position vacant
  • General members: Rose Santos, Rebecca Stewart, Danny Jowers, Jaci Lane, Jess Haas

And thank you to our 2019 (and preceding years’) committee members!

  • President: Damien Ellwood
  • Treasurer: Alessandra Whiting
  • Secretary: Mel McDonald
  • OHSC sub-committee convener: Ingrid Butterfield
  • Canteen sub-committee convener: Kerryn Wagg
  • Uniform Shop co-ordinator: Christina Pilkington
  • Events sub-committee convener: Meetu Sharma
  • Grounds co-ordinator: Michael Snape
  • Communications co-ordinator: Claire Bobbin
  • Administration Committee: Nova Inkpen, Bindi Cooper, Judith Blake, Mark Taylor, Alex Martin
  • Public Officer: Judith Blake

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